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Our First Blog Entry

January 6, 2018

Christmas Outreach #24 (1-6-18):

This was the 2nd outreach for this day. We went to a church (Casa de Oracion Hermosa) in a small community. This church is currently adding on to have room for more families. We love working with Pastors who have an amazing love for the people of their community. God is going to do amazing things in this community. There were more than 100 children who packed this small church. The adults stayed outside during the service so that all the children could be inside. We were early for this service so we had some time to spend with the children. What fun! All of the children were served tamales and champurrado before we started the service. The children were really engaged in the service. Thank you, Pastor Toni and your wife Rocio Garcia for allowing us to bless the children. May God richly bless you and the people of your church.

Our Second Blog Entry

Jan 7, 2018

Christmas Outreach #25 (1-7-18):

This was the 1st outreach on this day. We went to Templo El Rey Ya Viene. This was our first time ever at this church. It was a larger church and very nice. When we arrived, the church was already full of about 125 children plus adults. Everyone seemed to enjoy the service, games, food, and gifts. Every outreach has been amazing! We are always thankful for Pastors and leaders who work hard to prepare for us.

Our Latest Blog Entry

Jan 7, 2018

Christmas Outreach #26 (1-7-18):

This was our 2nd outreach on this day. We went to a small church (Ministerios Ebenezer). We had come to this church once before for our first mobile feeding outreach and had about 85-90 children. So, we expected about 100 children to come for the Christmas Outreach. Boy, were we wrong! We had about 250 children plus about 50 adults that came. The place was packed front to back and there was absolutely no more room! During the service, I noticed people watching the service through the window. There were about 25 people outside trying to watch through the window and the door. Wow! It was a little overwhelming. However, it was an amazing service! The kids were very excited! Everyone (children and adults) were served pizza and soda. Then we gave out the gifts and candy. I am still amazed that we did not run out of gifts and candy! Our God is awesome! We serve a mighty God! Thank you to the Pastors and church helpers who helped. You all did an amazing job in preparing for this outreach. God is going to do amazing things in this community!

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